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Get Lost Racing (GLR), hosted by Kyle M. Bondo, founder of and host of the Merchants of Dirt Podcast, will help you Master the Endurance Sports that make up Off-Road Racing by teaching you what they are, how they work, and what makes them great -- one discipline at a time!

Jun 14, 2018

Packs and Peaks 5: Canine Biathlon

Get lost in the endurance sport of Canine Biathlon by explaining how it works, what gear you need, and where you can go to get lost racing it.

What the heck is Canine Biathlon? 

The name is a bit misleading. No, you don’t ski and shoot dogs. Think of canine biathlon as a backyard obstacle course race mixed with a trail run that you do with your dog. Trail running and obstacle course racing - this is where the "bi" part comes in biathlon. It’s the K9 part that adds an extra special element to this event. Who’s doesn’t want to race with their dog? 

Well -- you and your dog have to navigate a maze of trials and obstacles over a 3.5-mile course. These obstacles are divided into water and purpose-built challenges that both you and your dog have to defeat together. Some obstacles require you to both go over, under, or through under your own power. Others require you to carry your dog or allow your dog a break while you complete an individual challenge.  

Originally designed for military, police and government K9 handlers, canine biathlon has evolved into something that anyone with any kind of dog can participate in and when I say any size dog, I really mean any size dog. From well trained German Shepherds to little tiny Terriers, if the dog loves to run and can listen to your commands, it can participate in the Canine Biathlon.

And that is the endurance sport of Canine Biathlon.

Time for you to start training... it’s ok... your dog will wait for you!


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Until then, I hope you Get Lost Racing!

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